Start simple with our list of everything you'll need to bring your baby home from the hospital—sort of a Newborn "Top 10" List.

1. A safe infant CAR SEAT is #1.

In fact, infant car seats are one of the few categories experts unanimously recommend against hand-me-downs.

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2. giggle BETTER BASICS are best for first clothes.

Newborns sleep up to 18 hours a day. So, focus your choices on genuine comfort and practicality, and look for a chemical-free finish.

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3. SWADDLE BLANKETS will save you.

Swaddle blankets are the utility infielder of a nursery. Use them for swaddling, holding, warming, sleeping, changing, and playing.

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4. Bank on BURP CLOTHS for everyday needs.

Make sure you have plenty. Perfect for unexpected eruptions, they also protect your baby from chemicals found in our adult clothes.

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5. Yep - your baby needs a BED.

A co-sleeper, cradle, bassinet or crib? Whichever you choose, you only need one by the time your baby first arrives.

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6. DIAPER BARRIER CREAM and WIPES for your daily diaper duties.

Daily use of a non-toxic barrier cream along with everyday wipes for sensitive skin are the key essentials.

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7. Less is more BODYWASHES for beginner bathing.

When a little warm water and a washcloth aren't enough, use mild, hypo-allergenic, anti-allergen, natural, or organic products.

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8. You will want a BABY MONITOR.

Short of standing in your baby's nursery all day long, nothing will bring you more peace of mind during naptime than a good baby monitor.

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9. Delicate baby, delicate LAUNDRY DETERGENTS only.

Keep your newborn's essentials like new with safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable laundry essentials. These plant-based cleaning products are great for the whole family.

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10. A FIRST AID KIT for peace of mind.

You'll sleep better at night knowing you have this in your corner in case of emergency.

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