Q&A with Farm Mamas Isabella & Elettra

Q: Elettra, how did you come up with the name Mama Farm?

A: The name Mama Farm came to us because we noticed a lot of mothers come to the farm with their children to play, pass time and relax. The property has a very gentle, nurturing vibe. Oh! and all the animals are girls - from the bees to the chickens.

Q: Isabella, many people know you as an actress, and now farmer, but may not know that you’re also a talented illustrator. As you can imagine, we devoured your hand drawn chickens, sheep and vegetables— it was hard to choose a favorite. What’s your favorite print? 

A: I am so surprised that my drawings have become so popular -- I consider them to be like children's drawings! I love the drawing of the chicken dust bath because it is hilarious to watch in person and also reminds me of children playing in the dirt and the "casino" (Italian for mess/chaos) they cause.


mama farm events

Brookhaven, New York
June 27  •  July 26  •  August 22
9:00 am -11:30 am

Please join us for the giggle x Mama Farm Timbalooloo Sunday Music class series – an experience that goes beyond the notes for ages 0-100+!  You're invited to experience engaging musical education, a delicious, seasonal breakfast by Chef Conor Swanson (Bird & Bao, Momofuku), a farm scavenger hunt and shopping.