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goods for green

How it works:

  1. Add the Goods for Green bag to your cart. You will be charged $15.
  2. You will receive a bag, a shipping label, and a plantable postcard which includes your discount to apply on future orders (20% off a purchase of $100 or more).
  3. Fill your bag with your old clothing, shoes, books, toys and other smaller household items.
  4. Put the shipping label on the bag and drop it at USPS or arrange for a pick up.
  5. Planet Aid will sort your goods and they will either be sold in domestic thrift stores or to overseas customers, all to help fund sustainable development projects that help the poor.

For more information on where your items will go, please visit: https://www.planetaid.org/what-we-do/for-the-environment/what-happens-to-your-used-clothing

To generate a donation receipt, please visit: https://www.planetaid.org/get-a-receipt.

old giggle gift cards

Giggle gift cards issued prior to 2019 can no longer be redeemed.