giggle does not offer price adjustments for full price or sale products.

goods for green

How it works:

  1. Add the Goods for Green bag to your cart. You will be charged $15.
  2. You will receive a bag, a shipping label, and a plantable postcard which includes your discount to apply on future orders (20% off a purchase of $100 or more).
  3. Fill your bag with your old clothing, shoes, books, toys and other smaller household items.
  4. Put the shipping label on the bag and drop it at USPS or arrange for a pick up.
  5. Planet Aid will sort your goods and they will either be sold in domestic thrift stores or to overseas customers, all to help fund sustainable development projects that help the poor.

For more information on where your items will go, please visit: https://www.planetaid.org/what-we-do/for-the-environment/what-happens-to-your-used-clothing

To generate a donation receipt, please visit: https://www.planetaid.org/get-a-receipt

old giggle gift cards

Giggle Holding, LLC (“Giggle” or “We”) has heard from holders of gift cards issued by Giggle, Inc. (“Old Giggle”) regarding whether they can use old gift cards to buy products from New Giggle. New Giggle understands your frustration about losing the value of those gift cards due to the old Company’s decision over two years ago to go out of business. To enable you to understand the reasons why we cannot honor the old gift cards and the new program, we have set forth the history behind the Company’s discontinuance and Giggle’s effort to bring the brand back to life as a new company.

On February 20, 2017, Old Giggle determined it was unable to pay its debts in full and decided to discontinue its business. It chose to do so under New York’s Debtor and Creditor Law by assigning all of its assets to a lawyer, Sandford P. Rosen, Esq., for the benefit of all of its creditors. New York law allows this to happen so that a person independent from Old Giggle can sell assets and the proceeds of those sales can be distributed to Old Giggle’s creditors. By making this assignment, Old Giggle gave Mr. Rosen the power to sell Old Giggle’s property under New York law as might be approved by the New York Supreme Court in the matter Mr. Rosen began titled In Re: The Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors of Giggle Inc., Index No. 51005/2017.

In the New York court process, Old Giggle’s creditors were given notice of the assignment and the right to file claims so that Mr. Rosen, as assignee of Old Giggle, could pay those creditors in the order and manner required by New York law. As part of this process, holders of gift cards should have received notice of their right to file claims by February 28, 2018 for their inability to use their gift cards prior to Old Giggle closing. We believe holders of gift cards did file claims with Mr. Rosen for the amount of the gift card they were not able to spend.

On March 2, Giggle, a new company separate from Old Giggle, was formed to buy certain Old Giggle assets. We bid at a public auction that Mr. Rosen, as assignee of Old Giggle, held to sell assets. We won the auction and bought some of Old Giggle’s assets, consisting mostly of the trademarks, web sites, social media accounts, and customer lists. As a result of the sale process, and the assignment for the benefit of creditors, We are not required to honor gift cards that Old Giggle may have issued and that you did not use prior to that company’s decision to go out of business as those claims are to be paid by Mr. Rosen from the proceeds of Old Giggle’s assets.

On February 1, 2019, we launched Giggle and began selling products as a new company using the Giggle trademarks and web domains. Giggle has no prior connections to the discontinued business. We have new and fully committed owners and employees and we are located in a different location. We sympathize with each of you that holds an unredeemed gift card so we are creating a customer accommodation plan for the exclusive benefit of holders of the old gift cards. This new offer is set forth below and we hope you will take advantage of this special offer as Giggle wants you as a new customer.

Solely as an accommodation to you to encourage you to become a customer of the New Giggle, we would like to offer you 30% off your first order on giggle.com with a total order value up to the amount of your old gift card (i.e. $100 Old Giggle gift card, receive 30% off your purchase of $100). In order to receive a one-time code to fulfill this accommodation, please send us a photo of your old gift card to customerservice@giggle.com along with the gift card number and amount outstanding – we will respond as soon as possible with a one-time code for your use. This code can not be combined with any other offer or discount. This offer is subject to change at any time and New Giggle reserves the right to deny requests without accompanying documentation of Old Giggle gift cards or other reasons.

New Giggle wants your help in bringing the Giggle brand and products back to life and sincerely hopes you will join with us as a special partner in this new enterprise to rejuvenate the wonderful Giggle products. We trust that the exclusive customer program for holders of the old gift cards will encourage you to join the journey. We look forward to working with you to meet all your needs and to join in the giggles of parenthood together!