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giggle mom rita linkner

Asher, 3 ½ + Loni, 21 Months 💕Wife, 👧🏽👶🏽Mom, 💉💋Cosmetic Dermatologist, 💡Entrepreneur, 🏃🏽‍♀️Runner,📍New York City @ritalinkermd,

How would you describe yourself as a mom?

as a working mom, i’m a time-management guru and I am all about multi-tasking. on the days i am in the office, i have limited time with my kids – so want to make sure we’re making the most of our time together. i make a point to prepare the night before, wake up early for time to myself so i can really focus on them.

What are your favorite brands to buy for your Giggle kids?

petite bateau – my kids lived in these when they were younger and continue to do so. roberta roller for tunics for the summer – the quality is great and they wash well. appaman and splendid are two additional favorites!

How would you characterize the style in which you purchase clothing for your giggle kids?

i’m a casual classic mom – smart + easy is best!

what makes you giggle?

Watching my kids interact with each other❤️
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