Founded in 2008, Comotomo sought to resolve all existing problems with standard baby bottles. Among the Sunnyvale, CA-based company’s innovations: non-leaking dual air-vents to prevent colic; a wide-neck design for easy cleaning; and hygienic silicone material to avoid toxic chemicals. Above all, its bottles mimic breastfeeding to help babies easily transition back and forth from nursing to bottle feeding. Also made with hygienic silicone material, Comotomo’s teethers replicate tiny fingers to give babies and parents hours of silent bliss. Of course, messy meal times prove that little ones haven’t perfected their hand-eye coordination skills. The company simplified its teethers’ design to make them easy and intuitive to grab and hold. They’re just long enough to reach the back molars, but are sensibly sized to prevent choking. Also, many moms credit Comotomo’s teethers for helping to wean babies from sucking on their thumbs.

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