Tony T-Rex's Family Album Books W.W. Norton
Tony T-Rex's Family Album Books W.W. Norton
W.W. Norton

Tony T-Rex's Family Album


Educational yet humorous, W.W. Norton's Tony T-Rex's Family Album outlines the history of dinosaurs via Earth's last surviving member of the species. In great detail, Tony describes the defining characteristics of creatures from the Jurassic and Cretaceous eras. The memoir highlights Tony's ancestors, including: "Greedy Guts" Bill, a Brachiosaurus who consumed stones to cure indigestion; Norni the Sinornithosaurus, the first dinosaur to attempt flight; and the black sheep of the family, a Ceratosaurus called Horace “The Horn” who, in a time of famine, took a bite out of one of his hunting buddies. With quirky illustrations by Rob Hodgson, Tony T-Rex’s Family Album stars a wild cast in a modern, vibrant style and a lighthearted approach to paleontology.

64 pages
Illustrated in color throughout

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