Play Outside! Books W.W. Norton
Play Outside! Books W.W. Norton
Play Outside! Books W.W. Norton
W.W. Norton

Play Outside!


In W.W. Norton's Play Outside!, an overwhelmed mother sends her boisterous children outdoors—but their games take them further than she could have imagined. A young brother and sister soon leave their garden far behind, venturing through magical landscapes: climbing mountains, sailing the seas and exploring jungles. During the journey, they encounter black bears and orangutans as well as barracudas and scorpions, plus endangered species. Through storytelling and adventure, Play Outside! highlights the beauty and fragility of the natural world. Young readers can search for more than 250 animal species hidden in the art; each appear on an illustrated index showing where in the world they exist while outlining their level of vulnerability to extinction.

48 pages
Illustrated in color throughout

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