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How do I register?

3 Easy Ways to Register
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How do I get personal assistance?

We love to help! Our giggleGURUS are available in-store or over the phone, and can help you tailor a registry to your own needs. They take the stress out of registering by helping you figure out what products are going to work best with your lifestyle and fit your budget. It's a great place to start if you don't know what you need — and it's free!

If you have any other questions visit our customer service page for quick easy answers. Or you can e-mail our customer service department or call 800.495.8577 from Monday through Saturday 10am to 9pm; Sunday 12pm to 9pm. If you wish to contact a giggle store nearest you, phone numbers for all stores are available through the Store Locator.

How do I add gifts to my registry

Once you've set up your registry, there are two ways to add products to your registry — either online or by using giggle's Best Baby Registry mobile app. Just log on to your registry and simply start shopping. When you find an item you'd like to register for, choose the "Add to Registry" button on the product page, and it will automatically be added to your registry. Not sure what you need? We have lots of helpful and easy tools to get your started. Our Best Baby Registry Checklist makes sure you have everything you need! If you'd like some one-on-one help, a giggleGURU will be happy to assist you in store or over the phone, or you may contact our customer service department.

What if I don't finish setting up my registry now?

No problem! You can return to your registry and add more products at any time — especially if you check in and discover most of the items have been purchased. Your registry is available online and via giggle's Best Baby Registry mobile app 24/7, so you can add to it whenever you want. Whether logged in online or within the app, just select the "Manage a Registry" option to start adding new products.

Do you have the same items available in stores and online?

For the most part, yes. Occasionally an item will be sold out either in store or online, and we can notify you when it's back in stock.

managing your registry

How do I access or update my registry online?

It's easy. Just look for the "manage a registry" option and log in. Once you've logged in, you can modify account settings, add or delete products, change quantities, and more. If you ever get stuck, just e-mail or call customer service. If you don't reach a service representative in person, don't worry—your call or e-mail will be answered within two business days.

How do I add gift cards to my registry?

Go to the "Gift Cards & Bags" category within our "Gifts & Keepsakes" department and navigate to the giggle Gift Card product page. Once you're there, click on the blue "add to registry" button. If you're not logged in, you will be asked to do so.

Can I have more than one registry?

Absolutely! There are many reasons to have a registry, including baby showers, birthdays, and holidays. As long as each registry has a different name, you can have as many as you'd like. If you have a registry already and would like to create a second one, log in to your giggle account, click on the "my registry" link, and then look for the "create a new registry" button.

What if I forgot my password or want to change it?

No worries! Just look for the "forgot your password?" prompt underneath the login fields and you can have your password reminder e-mailed to you anytime. If you know your password, but would like to change it, log in to your giggle account and select the "my information" link.

How long will my registry be available after the event?

Registries will be available both online and in stores for one year.

How do I delete or cancel my registry?

If you would like to delete your registry, look for the "manage a registry" prompt and log in. From your registry account page, select the "delete registry" option. You may also e-mail or call customer service for help.

sharing your registry

How do I let my friends know where I'm registered?

We have lots of ways to spread the word! You can get complimentary registry cards for your shower hostess to include in your invites at your local giggle store or request them through customer service. You may also send an email to friends and family with a link to your registry by logging into your registry online, navigating to the sharing options, and clicking either the Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail icon. Got an iPhone? Download giggle's Best Baby Registry mobile app and share your registry straight from your phone!

How else can my friends access my registry?

Your friends and family can shop your registry from anywhere by visiting us right here at They can also come in to any of our store locations to shop for you in person, or call our stores during normal store hours. Finally, they can contact customer service.

completing your registry

Will I get duplicates?

Sometimes you'll get a duplicate if the gift-giver forgot to provide your registry information at the time of purchase. But don't worry: We make it easy to return and exchange unwanted items in stores or through the mail — no matter where the items were purchased!

Where and how will my gifts be shipped?

All giggle products are shipped via UPS, but where they're shipped depends on both you and the gift-giver. When creating a registry, you will either provide a shipping address or indicate that you'd like all gifts sent to the gift-givers. If you do provide an address, each gift-giver will get to choose whether to have your gift shipped to you or to themselves so they can give it to you in person.

What if I don't want gifts shipped to my house?

For your privacy, we will never display your actual mailing address to the gift-giver. But if you prefer not to receive any gifts directly, you can choose to have all gifts shipped to the gift-giver's address. If you'd like your parents or a friend to receive and store your gifts until the baby arrives, just designate them as the co-registrant and choose that address as your shipping preference.

What if I didn't get everything I wanted?

We want to make sure you get everything on your list, which is why we offer a special, one-time-only discount of 10% off everything left on your registry. Your registry is eligible for the discount as soon as your event date has passed. (See offer details for exclusions.)

How do I redeem my 10% registry completion?

Once your event date has passed, you can quickly close out your registry either online, at any one of our store locations, or with help by phone from our customer service department. For customers who choose to close out online, a "closeout" button will appear on all registries older than 30 days, as soon as the event date has passed. Once it appears, simply click the button and proceed to checkout. It's that easy!

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