Getting ready for a new baby? It’s an exciting time in anyone’s life, filled with lots of preparation and planning — especially when it comes to setting up your nursery!

The easiest way to make sure you have everything you need is by creating a baby registry. (Start now with our very own BEST BABY REGISTRY!) Not only can you use it to keep track of everything you still have left to purchase, it lets your loved ones know exactly what you want so they never have to worry whether you’ll like your gift.

Plan on starting your registry four or five months before you’re due. That gives you plenty of time to consider your choices and change your mind, and also allows for proper lead time on larger items and special orders. Besides, you’ll be glad you got it taken care of if the baby comes early!

So where do you start? Come in to any giggle store and we can help you get set up. We even offer complimentary one-on-one service with our giggle gurus ! Want to start right now? You can also set up your registry yourself online or download our giggle Best Baby Registry app, which lets you create, edit, and manage your registry right from your iPhone. Then, use the checklist below to make sure you have below everything you need for your baby’s arrival. Need help deciding? Plus, our giggle Baby Gear Guides offer guidance on everything from strollers to baby bottles to diaper bags.

When you’re filling your registry, choose items with a wide range of prices to accommodate all budgets. Unlike bridal registries, it’s typical for a baby registry to have a lot of smaller items and everyday essentials. And don’t be afraid to include some splurges: You never know when friends or family might want to go in together on a gift!

Here’s a starter list to help you get an idea of the basic items you’ll need:


Car Seats & Accessories


Strollers & Accessories


Carriers, Slings & Accessories


Diaper Bags & Accessories


Nursing & Bottle Feeding






Bath & Skincare


Potty Training






First Aid




Toys & Activities


As giggle founder and CEO, Ali is a product expert with tons of insight to share with new parents everywhere. Ali is a frequent contributor to countless parenting blogs and publications, as well as the author of the giggle Guide to Baby Gear, helping new parents navigate the glut of choices out there and find only what they need, when they need it.