Double Electric Breast Feeding Companion

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A breast pump shouldn't feel like a machine, and that's why we love this electric double breast pump from Simplisse. It's designed to mimic the way a baby feeds, without the tugging, pinching, or friction associated with vacuum-based pumps.
Why it's a giggle pick We love this whole line for its innovation, and this pump specifically for its efficacy and comfort.
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BEST BASICS: These are the tried-and-true necessities that every new parent needs, such as burp cloths and baby bottles, plus some of those things that just make parenting a little simpler. Most of them are considered must-haves, and the rest will make your life so much easier they'll be a no-brainer. In this category, we look for convenience and functionality above all else.BEST BASICS: everyday baby essentials
HEALTHY: Every parent's number-one goal is a healthy baby, and babies' developing systems are a lot more sensitive than adults. That's why we work hard to find products that won't introduce any more toxins than necessary into your home. Sometimes that means organic products that avoid pesticides and chemicals, but it also includes things like nontoxic cleaning products made from plant-based ingredients, or plastics without toxins likes BPA or phthalates.HEALTHY: made with safe or organic materials
TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: If you're a parent on the go, you'll appreciate these products that help keep you moving and make travel simpler and more manageable. We look for things that are lightweight, collapsible, easy to pack, and durable enough to hold up to your busy lifestyle.TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: lightweight & portable
  • Material
    BPA-free materials
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    8.3 lbs.
Rated 2.5 out of 5 by 2 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very Gentle! I have been using this pump for about 4 months now. Though I haven't needed to pump more than a 2oz serving at a time, I am able to pump at least that much (if not 3-4 oz) in about 5 minutes and achieve letdown within a minute. The pump is extremely gentle. The silicone cups are very comfortable. - I have not experienced any pain whatsoever. In fact, the pump feels very, very similar to my son nursing. The info that comes with the pump warns that if you are accustomed to using a typical electric pump, it may take a week of adjustment to switch to this entirely different pumping mechanism. I've never used another brand, so I can't compare, but I'm really very satisfied. My only wish is that the storage bottles came with nipples! I highly recommend it! July 9, 2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Would not recommend I bought this pump and am very unhappy. I wish I would have chosen the Medela. I tried it for two days, and got very little milk, which decreased my supply, so I had to go out and rent a high-grade pump to get my supply back up---contrary to what a pump should do! The suction was weak, milk leaked out the breast cones, the pump was loud and after 10 minutes of pumping, got louder. I would not recommend this pump. December 17, 2010
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Hi, there seems to be little to no reviews available online for this product. Is this product really more comfortable than the industry leaders: Medela and Avent? Does it "extract" the same amount of milk that the others do too? Any additional feedback would be great!
3 years, 10 months ago
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This is a brand new concept, brought to market by a very respectable team of lactation specialists, doctors and product development experts. Although we believe comfort is a personal assessment, the theory behind the technology is that the expression method is more similar to how the body functions when a baby is breast feeding than the mechanisms used in the market today and is therefore more comfortable and effective. We absolutely stand behind both Medela (and it's incredible long history of quality) and the product feedback and tests for this exciting new concept. You cannot go wrong with either brand choice available by giggle, and, as with all products we sell, should you have any issues, we absolutely stand behind our product guarantee.
3 years, 10 months ago
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