Calma Medela 8 Ounce Bottle 2 Pack

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Designed exclusively for breastmilk feeding, the Calma bottle from Medela makes switching a baby from bottle to breast a whole lot easier. Its flow control valve feature expertly mimics breastfeeding, so that milk will only flow if your baby works to create a vacuum to remove the milk. (This in turn improves a baby’s sucking power and ability to transition back to the breast.) It also features no-drip technology to prevent spilling — even when the bottle’s turned upside down — and a vented nipple to cut down on gassiness. Pretty impressive!
Why it's a giggle pick We love that the Medela Calma’s cutting-edge design helps promote a simple transition for baby back to the breast, making it easier for moms who choose to breastfeed their little ones longer.
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BEST BASICS: These are the tried-and-true necessities that every new parent needs, such as burp cloths and baby bottles, plus some of those things that just make parenting a little simpler. Most of them are considered must-haves, and the rest will make your life so much easier they'll be a no-brainer. In this category, we look for convenience and functionality above all else.BEST BASICS: everyday baby essentials
MULTI-USE: Everyone wants to get the most for their money, but that doesn't always translate to the lowest price. Sometimes it means choosing one great product instead of buying multiple products over time. These products last longer and do more - whether they grow with your baby, live on beyond the baby years, or can be used for more than one purpose - so that you can always feel confident that you made a great investment.MULTI-USE: versatile & long-lasting
HEALTHY: Every parent's number-one goal is a healthy baby, and babies' developing systems are a lot more sensitive than adults. That's why we work hard to find products that won't introduce any more toxins than necessary into your home. Sometimes that means organic products that avoid pesticides and chemicals, but it also includes things like nontoxic cleaning products made from plant-based ingredients, or plastics without toxins likes BPA or phthalates.HEALTHY: made with safe or organic materials
TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: If you're a parent on the go, you'll appreciate these products that help keep you moving and make travel simpler and more manageable. We look for things that are lightweight, collapsible, easy to pack, and durable enough to hold up to your busy lifestyle.TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: lightweight & portable
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  • Dimensions
    7.4" x 5.25" x 2.84"
  • Weight
    0.37 lbs.
  • Age
    Newborn - 12 Months
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