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Even airtight diaper pails are often made of odor-absorbing plastic that can leave a lingering smell. But Vipp bins are made of stainless steel that's easy to keep clean and odor-free.
Why it's a giggle pick Doctors use them because they're compact, airtight and sanitary -- and that's what also makes them the perfect diaper pail!
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  • Material
    stainless steel
  • Dimensions
    20" H x 11" W x 11" D
  • Weight
    13.2 lbs.
  • Age
    Newborn & Up
Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 12 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Expensive but beautiful This held in the odors from our cloth diapers without exception. We never left diapers in for more than a few hours, but the medical grade seal definitely did its job. I will admit that this was a splurge by my husband and me because it looks so modern and clean, as opposed to all those plastic monstrosities on the market, because a hideous plastic diaper thingies would have ruined the aesthetics of the baby's nursery (obviously only a problem for us; the baby could not care less). But, we know we will have it to use for the rest of our lives! It's so cool and Euro, now we use it in the laundry room as a trash can. I just wish we had something stinkier to put in it to really justify the heavy-duty seal, but at least it is like a decoration instead of a trash can. June 3, 2009
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not worth it I so wanted it to be the king of diaper pails. I think I've been in denial for awhile now. There is no denying it is one gorgeous can, yes. But I am gravely disappointed -- totally nauseated, in truth -- every time it is opened, and often when it is not. The worst part is the smells cling to the can. Not the steal liner, but the can itself. We set it outside in the sun for two days, but the smell was not gone. I can't believe I spent $300 on this. October 25, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Worth the extra money! When I got this diaper pail some moms thought I was crazy for getting such an expensive diaper pail. It's been well worth the money. It has a very stylish design plus it really contains the smell. I would put it on my list of top 10 baby products. August 21, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 Best investment ever!!! Love my Vipp. Andrea, My son is 5 months old and already eating solids, I can not smell anything in the nursery it is wonderful and the best selling point for me is it is a trash can so if you buy a large one you can use it after in your kitchen etc...... and they use regular trash bags so your not spending the money on specific garbage bags like the other diaper pails, so by the time I factored all the costs of regular diaper pail bags this will last a lifetime rather then just until the diaper stage is gone. I have a stainless steel colored one and plan to use it in my kitchen eventually. July 29, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Stylish and keeps the odor from escaping! This is one of the more expensive diaper pails, but I highly recommend it. Our son has some explosive #2 diapers and this pail keeps the odors from permeating the entire nursery. We have a diaper genie at my parents place and we need to empty it out more often because it's not as good at trapping the odor. March 10, 2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love it in yellow! Like some of the other reviews, this is a pricey addition to any nursery, BUT it has been worth the price of admission. My husband, again, like many of the others was against buying this bin - so we made a deal. If we could raise the money by selling stuff on ebay, I could get the bin. Needless to say, we did and I bought the yellow one! The minimalist design of the bin goes great with the room, we will use this well beyond the baby stage AND true to the other reviews - no smell at all. We are using the VIPP liners, which may again be a little more spendy than using something else, but they fit perfectly. Though I will say if you use the VIPP liners, don't stuff them too full - I did this and there did come a rip in the bag today as I emptied the can. October 16, 2009
Rated 4 out of 5 by Really Keeps Out the Smell We have a small condo so smell from the diaper pail was a major fear for us. This can really holds in the odor and is well-made. It is expensive (thus the 4 stars), but it works. October 5, 2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by Vipp is fantastic We received as a gift when our daughter was born. Now three years later, we are getting ready to move the Vipp diaper pail to our new child's room. It still looks like new and does wonders for keeping the smell contained. We are getting ready for another three years of use. July 12, 2009
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We received the VIPP diaper pail as a shower gift and absolutely love it - does a wonderful job of keeping odors long as it is closed. Whenever we open it to toss a dirty diaper, it smells. Can you provide any recommendations as to how to clean it or other tips to maintain it as odorless as possible? I currently have a baking soda pack adhered to the inside of the lid and no luck! My pail came in with no literature, so thanks in advance!
3 years, 8 months ago
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Even airtight diaper pails are often made of odor-absorbing plastic that can leave a lingering smell. But Vipp bins are made of stainless steel that's easy to keep clean and odor-free, which is why it's a giggle pick: Doctors use them because they're compact, airtight and sanitary -- and that's what also makes them the perfect diaper pail! The inner can should be regularly cleaned, and it's so easy to remove -- we recommend giggle's Better Basics Clean for the safest, most effective clean in the nursery, bathroom, or anywhere in the home.
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