Reading to your baby (even before they're old enough to understand the words) is a huge part of any child's cognitive development. That's why it's so important to build your baby's reading library and encourage language early with the help of board books, picture books, and more. Don't forget that introducing them to music at a young age has tons of developmental benefits, too. Some experts say listening to music can even make your baby smarter. So bring on the soothing lullabies and sing-a-long CDs! That's why at giggle, we're always stocked with popular reading classics for babies and toddlers, plus musical CDs and learning DVDs that are parent (and baby!) approved. But our collection doesn't just end there — we also offer bestselling pregnancy and parenting books for moms and dads, too, so you can read up on pregnancy dos and don'ts, parenting tips, and more. Shop our Gift Finder for more great ideas and products.
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