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Want a state-of-the-art toddler car seat? You're looking at it. This rotating convertible car seat from Orbit Baby grows with your child, meaning you'll have your G3 system with you long after the baby phase. Plus, it allows you to move it from car to stroller to bassinet rocker with just a few simple adjustments. Other perks? It boasts state-of-the-art side-impact protection, parent-friendly installation, and is made from BFR-free materials (so it's healthy!). Its rotation feature even allows you to keep your child rear-facing for longer, since you can rotate the seat toward the car door so your child can get in and out.
Why it's a giggle pick Orbit Baby's revolutionary technology is what makes the G3 one of the most innovative baby gear collections out there. From base to seat to accessory options, you can mix and match different pieces to fit your lifestyle. (How genius is that?)
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  • Material
    Orbit Baby’s car seats use orbitgreen fabrics 100% free of BFRs (Brominated Flame Retardants) and certified clean by Oeko-Tex, ensuring they are easier on your baby's skin.
  • Dimensions

    --Interior seat height: 23"
    --interior seat depth: 12"
    --Interior seat width: 11.5"
    --Side impact protection depth: 8"
    --Exterior width : 18"
  • Weight
    21.5 lbs.
  • Age

    --G3 Toddler Car Seat for children 15 - 65 lbs.
    --15 - 35 lbs. rear-facing
    --25 - 65 lbs. forward-facing; up to 53"
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1 answer

toddler seat

Does the toddler car seat come with the base? Thanks!
1 month, 1 week ago
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Staff Answer
Orbit Baby's Toddler Car Seat doesn't include the Base, but it doe installs both rear and forward-facing in the following ways:

Rear-facing installation, for children who are 15 to 35lbs:
--Use the Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat Base (not included with the Toddler Car Seat) that came with your Orbit Infant Car Seat, or purchase the base on its own.
--Install the Toddler Car Seat with the included braces, ideal for families who are traveling and want to leave the base at home.

Forward-facing installation, for children who are 25 to 65lbs:
--Install the seat with the braces only, never with the Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat Base (it's for rear-facing installation only).
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1 month, 1 week ago
Hi, I have the entire Orbit Baby G2 travel system!! I love it, it's been great! However, my Baby turned into a toddler over night and he needs a Toddler Car Seat, like now!!!!
My dilemma is in finding the G2 Toddler Car Seat (prefferably in black) in stores or on-line!! So I want to know if the G3 Toddler Car Seat wiill fit on the G2 Stroller Base and Car Seat Base?
7 months ago
Posted by
 (San Jose, California)
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Staff Answer
Great news! ALL Orbit G2 components are compatible with Orbit's new G3 components (the only exception is the Orbit G2 Color Packs -- those are not compatible with G3). Which means you can invest in the G3 Toddler Car Seat for your toddler's next stage and it'll still work on your G2 Stroller Base....brilliant!
6 months ago
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